How durable are timber houses?
There are many examples of timber houses lasting for hundreds of years.
And with modern treatments this certainly holds true today.

What about maintenance?
With houses that have a natural finish, we recommend an annual coating of a water repellant that protects the timber from moisture penetration, and UV rays. This is cheap and easy to apply. Often we paint our houses, and if a fibre cement board is used, repainting will probably only be necessary after five years.

What about the fire hazard?
The CSIR and SABS have spent much time and money sitting up a code of practice for timber frame building viz. SABS 082. Timber homes must have the same fire rating as is required for a brick house. Since we use 6mm ceiling board, our fire rating is better than many "conventional houses" with ceilings of only 6mm.

Can one have a fireplace in a timber house?
Yes, most certainly one can. These can be of brick or the less expensive freestanding type.

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