Timber Fastening Devices

All timber fastening devices used on the floor construction and panels are engineered designs.

Gryptite connector plates are designed for a wide range of applications in timber joinery such as splicing, restraining end splitting in timber or where a strong connection is required. All plates are galvanised. Truss Hangers provide a secure means of support to connect beams, joints or trusses. The load bearing capacity is 4.23 kN when nailed and stronger if bolted. All truss hangers, bolts and nails are galvinised. The Cyclone Clip is a galvanised steel framing anchor designed for the connection of structural timber members to each other at right-angles. The cyclone clip is attached by galvanised coach screws or bolts. The clips are used in pairs diagonally opposed when possible and a pair can carry a load of 1,5 kN. Bracing Strap is a galvanised steel strip 25 mm x 1,0 mm which is used extensively for cross bracing frames or bracing roof trusses during erection. All nails are galvanised steel ring shanked for extra grip and are used in various sizes and various applications and are driven in pneumatically. All screws are galvanised steel Posi-drive screws and are driven in mechanically. All bolts, nuts, washers and coach bolts are galvanised steel fixed through pre-drilled holes.