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Murray and Roberts Architects:
Brick, carpentry work and erection of reefs.
Hunters Home, Fancourt and Knysna Quays.

D&A Timbers:
Roof erections and timber housing.
Knysna Quays Hotel.

Knysna Roofing:
Roof erection and timber housing.

Messaris Wapenaar Architects:
Shear Cliffs in Brenton – carpentry work and roof erection. House B Holmes in Belvidere – Nina De Beer Architect. Neat timber house for Mr and Mrs Malan. Sedgefield – Harry Burger Architect. Forest Lodge Sedgefield Shopping Centre.

Bob Tandy PR. Eng. M.I.(S.A.) I.C.E:
Number of brick buildings and timber houses. Le plane timber houses and alterations. Van Der Westhuizen Architect. Alterations and more…………..